• 10 Years, Professional focus on cold rolled steel series
    10 Years, Professional focus on cold rolled steel series
  • Be a Respected Steel Supplier
    Be a Respected Steel Supplier
    Steel Coils
  • 400 STEEL Clients in China and World
    400 STEEL Clients in China and World
    Galvanized steel coil
The Largest Coating Steel Supplier in Northeast of China

Our value is not only provide the products with best price, but also help you to capture the market opportunities.


Efficient, provide offer in 5 minutes to regular requirements. Specialized in High zinc coating,
High tensile and high standard coating steel

MESCO High durable painting Powder Coating Color Coated Steel Coils/Galvanized/Galvalume PPGI

Sale point ! ! ! The coating thickness of the powder color coating plate is normally 45 μ m/25 μ m, and the maximum thickness can reach 120 μ m. It can be completed by spraying once and curing once, greatly reducing the operation cost.
  • Thickness : 0.12-2.0mm
  • Width : 5-1700mm
  • Paint Thickness : 20-250um
  • Zinc Coating : 30-275
  • Coil Coating : powder painting
  • Plate Coating : zinc coating
  • Anti-finger Print : AFP
  • Surface : color coating
  • Steel Grade : DX51D DX52D
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PPGI/PPGL Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

The exclusive supplier in China which can supply PPGI with width
1380-1550 mm.
  • Thickness : 0.12-2.0 mm
  • Width : 30-1550 mm
  • Paint Thickness : Top 15-60 um /Back 5-40 um
  • Zinc Coating : Z30 - Z275
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Galvanized Steel Coil

The unique supplier in China who can supply Galvanized Steel Coil with thickness 6.0 mm.
  • Thickness : 0.12-6.0 mm
  • Width : 30-2000 mm
  • Coil Coating : 30g/m^2-600g/m^2
  • Plate Coating : 1200g/m^2
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Galvalume Steel Coil

The unique supplier in China who can supply S550 G550 Galvalume Steel Coil with width over 2.0 mm.
  • Thickness : 0.12-3.0mm
  • Width : 30-2000 mm
  • Coil Coating : 30g/m^2-200g/m^2
  • Anti-finger Print : Blue, Yellow and White
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Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Rich stock of Deep Drawing and High Tensile Cold Rolled Steel Coil and Galvanized Steel Coil.
  • Thickness : 0.12-3.0mm
  • Width : 20-2000 mm
  • Surface : Black and Bright
  • Steel Grade : DC06-DC01, high tensile 900Mpa
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MESCO STEEL, whose headquarter locating in Dalian, Liaoning province, was founded since 2007. We have 32 employees. MESCO, famous for its cold rolled series products , is the largest private steel export enterprise in northeast China.


Main Projects

Supply excellent materials for projects! Accept any inspection at any time and any place

Hundred-villages of three regions

  • Time : 2012
  • Location : Heilongjiang province
  • Material : PPGL steel coil, 0.4mm*1000mm, DX51D+AZ40, 15/5um, sea blue
  • Quantity : 912,800 sqm (about 3500 mt)

It is a major project in Heilongjiang province, covers 26 towns and 108 villages, took 2 years.

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Post-disaster reconstruction of 5.12 earthquake

  • Time : 2008
  • Location : Sichuan province
  • Material : PPGL steel coil, 0.35/0.4mm*1000/1200mm, DX51D+AZ40, 15/5um, sea blue and white
  • Quantity : about 1100 mt

There was an MS 8.9 great earthquake in Wenchuan city of Sichuan province, other provinces received the instruction of China State Council to provide emergency supplies, including sandwich panel about 172,900 sqm to them. Our company supplied 1,700 units Light Steel Prefabricated House which were manufactured by our cooperative company to Wenchuan.

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"Five points and one line" coastal beautifying project

  • Time : 2014
  • Location : Liaoning province
  • Material : PPGL steel coil, 0.2mm*1000mm, 0.47/0.5mm*1000/1200mm, DX51D+AZ30/AZ50, 15/5um, factory white/light gray/dark gray
  • Quantity : About 13,000 mt (partial)

“Five points and one line” means five coastal cities: Dalian, Yingkou, Panjin, Jinzhou, Huludao. Total planning area is 482.9 sqkm. This project planned since 2005 and started from 2007, our company attended material supplying of Dalian and Panjin. Till 2017 have supplied PPGI about 13,000 mt.

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Post-disaster reconstruction of heavy flood in North Korea

  • Time : Sep. 2016
  • Location : Moyama and Yonsa, Hamgyeongbuk-do
  • Material : PPGI corrugated steel sheet, 0.45mm*1000mm, DX51D+Z275, 20/5um, RAL6005/orange/red
  • Quantity : About 1,700 mt

There was a heavy flood in North Korea in Sep. 2016. In this desaster, 133 died, 395 missed and 140,000 homeless. North Korean government rarely made the request for help to the UN. Our company won the bid in Oct. 2016 in UN Representative Office of Pyongyang and delivered 1700 mt corrugated steel sheets to the border of China and North Korea in 45 days.

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Dongfeng Nissan Dalian factory (first phase and second phase)

  • Time : 2017
  • Location : Dalian city, Liaoning province
  • Material : PPGL steel coil, G550 high tensile, 0.6mm*1000mm, DX51D+AZ150, 25/7um, light gray
  • Quantity : about 300 mt

Brilliance BMW Shenyang factory (second phase)

  • Time : 2016
  • Location : Shenyang city, Liaoning province
  • Material : PPGI steel coil, S350 high tensile, 0.5mm*1000/1200mm, DX51D+Z180, 25/7um, silver gray/factor white
  • Quantity : About 540 mt


Concentrating on solutions of industrial raw materials with steel products! Regular supplier of Sanyo JP, Iris JP, SK KR, Bluescope Sri


Relying on the advantages of raw material and facility, develop Metal Cutting, Forming, Drawing, Punching, etc

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