ASTM A463 Aluminum Aluminized-silicon DX51/53D AS80-240 Steel Coil

Zinc Coating:AS80-AS400
Anti-finger Print:AFP
Steel Grade:DX51D/53D

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Aluminum silicon alloy coating steel coil/aluminized steel coil 

Aluminized steel is carbon steel coated, through the hot-dip process, with an aluminum-silicon alloy.
The aluminum coating provides resistance to high temperatures and a bright appearance. The silicon promotes better adherence of the coating to the base metal.

Aluminum silicon sheet and coil will maintain their bright appearance and provide long-term service at temperatures up to 900 degrees – a higher temperature than comparable zinc-coated products can withstand. Even though aluminum corrodes faster than zinc,the oxide that forms on aluminum adheres tightly, protecting the base metal.

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⭐Advantages & characters of aluminium silicon steel
1.High temperature resistance: due to the specific combination of steel plate substrate and coating structure, an iron aluminum alloy is formed, which makes the coated aluminum plate have excellent high temperature resistance. High reflectivity can be guaranteed at 450℃.

2.Thermal reflectivity: at 480 ℃, the plate can reflect 90% of the incident heat. Therefore, the aluminum-silicon plate can be
made into an efficient heat insulation barrier or a heat reflector in high-temperature application, and the temperature in the
furnace can be rapidly increased through effective heat reflection.

3.Mechanical strength: under room temperature, the mechanical strength of the aluminum plating plate is consistent with that of its base material. At the same high temperature of 480℃, the strength of aluminized steel plate is 10 times that of aluminum plate, so the thickness of steel plate can be reduced by at least 30%

4.Corrosion resistance: In the hot dip plating process, molten aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air to form an Al2O3 protective layer, which passivates the surface of the steel plate immediately.

5.Ecological characteristics: Aluminum plated plates without chemical passivation have no effect on health, so they can be used for food processing. Test reports from many professional groups have confirmed that it is harmless to human body and is an environmental protection product. Aluminum plating can be comparable to stainless steel, but the price is only about 1/3 than that of stainless steel.

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