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cutting machine

Wave height: 24mm

Wave length: 142mm

Effective width: 1000mm

Feeding width:1219mm

                                                                Parameters of roll forming machine   

(1) Material of frame : (high grade)400mm‘H shape steel welding

(2) Thickness of middle plate : 16 mm

(3) Step of roller : 1steps

(4) Diameter of shaft (solid shaft)75mm

(5) Material of shaft (solid shaft): (high grade) 45# Steel,quenching and tempering treatment

(6) Material of roller: 45# Steel

(7) Treatment of roller : hard chromize coated 0.05-0.07mm

(8) Drive type of roll forming machine : drive by chain

(9) Chain : 25.4mm (high grade)

(10) Bearing : 6210 (high grade)

(11) Power of motor :7.5KW

(12) Hydraulic motor: 750

(13) Hydraulic cutting: cutting controlled by PLC

(14) Accuracy of cutting : +/- 2mm

(15) Razor blades material : Cr12, quenching 58-62 °.

(16) Electrically controlled system : entire machine controlled by PLC


(18) Encoder : REP(high grade)

(19) Controlling desktop : Touch screen (high grade)

(20) Electrical parts : DELIXI or CHINT

                                                                Hydraulic Cutting

Hydraulic cutting,

Post cut, stop to cut,   

The cutting blade material is Cr12,  

The cutting tolerance:±2.0mm

                                                                Electric control system:

PLC control the whole line. Human-machine interface, whirl encoder calculates the length, the touch screen sets the length. You can set lots of data one time.  Frequency adjusts speed, it has auto adjustment function Transducer drives the main machine, it has E-stop button, which promise the safe running.


TEAM AND VISITORforming machine


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