Enamel Coated Steel Plate for Kitchen/ Sanitary Ware/Houshold/Refrigeration/Subway

Paint Thickness:Customized
Zinc Coating:30-275
Coil Coating:Enamel Coated
Steel Grade:DX51D+Z

Enamel Coated Steel Plate

Enamelled steel is a material with exceptional properties and has many applications in various aspects of everyday life. 

In the home, enamelled steel is used in the kitchen for worktops and casings for domestic appliances.

Enamelled steel also has important applications in industry, even in the most corrosive atmospheres, e.g. in the chemical and agro-food industries. 

Enamelled Steel Plate

Finally, the use of enamelled steel is a first-rate solution in the con- struction industry for cladding buildings or for interior decoration, as it successfully combines a rigid steel substrate with an enamel coating. The result is an end product that is aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to clean. Enamelled steel can also be an appropriate option for lining tunnels, as it ensures they are easier and cheaper to clean and improves fire resistence.



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